In the table below you will find training modules for you to complete. Please complete Module 0 FIRST, and Module 11 LAST, and then the remaining modules can be viewed in order of preference.

Modules 1-10 include a video to be watched, followed by a quiz to be answered . Videos range from 7 minutes to 20 minutes long dependent on module, and the quiz should take no longer than 3-5 minutes.

0 - PRE-TRAINING SURVEYPlease complete this module FIRSTBEGIN SURVEY
1 - Responsibilities of Madrichim/otHere from your movements and previous Madrichim/ot about your responsibilities.BEGIN COURSE
2 - Safeguarding & Risk AssessmentLearn about your role in ensuring a safe and secure environment for your participantsBEGIN COURSE
3 - Basic Israel KnowledgeHear from real life Israelis about all things Israel!!BEGIN COURSE
4 - Some Jews ThinkA range of narratives about Israel exist, some you will agree with, and others you won't.BEGIN COURSE
5 - Setting & Enforcing BoundariesLearn key tips for behaviour management.BEGIN COURSE
6 - Writing an Awesome PeulaMovement Workers share their top tips.BEGIN COURSE
7 - Values Based EducationLearn about Barry Chazan and his educational theory.BEGIN COURSE
8 - Consent & Personal SpaceUnderstand the issues that arise from certain behaviours, and how to approach them.BEGIN COURSE
9 - Feedback is a GiftHow to give, and how to receive feedback. BEGIN COURSE
10 - Managing Stress & AnxietyIsrael Tour may be stressful. Here is some useful information for you.BEGIN COURSE
11 - POST-TRAINING SURVEYPlease complete this module LASTBEGIN SURVEY